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Summer Ladder Safety

summer ladder safety

As we see temperature soar to record highs in the UK , let’s talk summer ladder safety. One of the main risks when working in high temperatures is heat stroke/stress. Heat stress can have various effects on a person, often starting with red skin, followed by a dizziness and or headache . Definitely symptoms which […]

Choosing the right ladder safety device

Ladder stabiliser, ladder anchor, ladder feet, ladder support, ladder stability device, ladder footer, ladder anti-slip device…They all go under many different names and have many different features, but they are all primary designed to help reduce ladder accidents. So which is the best ladder safety device? Choosing the right ladder stability device depends on many […]

Celebrating 15 years of ladder safety! July 2018

Great News… 15 years of the LadderM8rix We are pleased to celebrating 15th years of the LadderM8rix. A leading ladder safety device range designed to help reduce ladders slippage. Innovative ladder safety We pride ourselves in delivering innovative ladder safety products, which help to safe guard users when working at height. Every LadderM8rix is individually […]

Ouch… common mistakes that could lead to ladder related injuries

If you use a ladder, always think ladder safety! Falling off of a ladder is something that people often think either it will never happen to them or it won’t hurt! But for those who have actually had it happen to them, it can be a very distressing and painful experience. According to the HSE […]

Ladder Stabiliser – Why use one?

Ladder Stabiliser considerations – can you afford not to use one? Safe use of ladders – securing a ladder Full comprehension of ladder safety and the application of the correct ladder safety equipment are essential when working at height. Following the HSE ladder guidelines and securing your ladder is imperative to safeguard the ladder user.  Ladders […]

Celebrating 10 years of the LadderM8rix – July 2013

LadderM8rix Industrial

Great News G Robinson the inventor of the award winning LadderM8rix range is celebrating his 10th year of supplying these fantastic ladder safety products that helps to prevent ladders from slipping. Innovative ladder safety products The company prides its self on providing innovative ladder safety products which helps to safe guide when working at height. […]