Ladder related accidents

Why are there so many ladder related accidents?

According to HSE statistics, falls from ladders account for almost a third of all injuries. And cost the UK economy £60 million every year, as well as being the number one cause of workplaces deaths.So why are there so many ladder related accidents?… Ladders have been around for almost 10,000 years and are commonplace items to virtually every home and workplace. This, and their simplicity, could generate the false impression that ladder work requires no special knowledge or skills – when in fact the opposite is true. Anyone who uses a ladder should be trained in ladder safety and have knowledge about ‘working at height’ to ensure they’re equipped about the range of risks involved and the precautions necessary to prevent injury.

Ladder Stabilizer

Can you afford not to use one?

Accidents involving ladders are far too common, with leading causes being:

  • The ladder slips or falls due to people overreaching
  • The ladder is in a poor state
  • Ladders are not secured properly

Full comprehension of ladder safety and the use of correct safety equipment are essential when working at height. Following the ‘Working at Height Act 2005’ and the HSE ladder guidelines and securing your ladder is imperative to safeguard the ladder user. Ladders can be secured by either strapping the ladder to a suitable secure point and/or use an effective ladder stability/anti-slip device. By securing the ladder safely helps to reduce any ladder movement therefore helping to keep the operator safe.

Ladder safety equipment

Ladder stabiliser / ladder anti-slip devices

When buying a ladder stabiliser/anti-slip device, think about the worst type of surface and conditions you will come across. For example, whether you will be using that ladder indoors or outdoors, or whether the ground will be wet, muddy or icy.Only buy a ladder and associated stability device that will be suitable for your required surfaces.

The LadderM8rix

The LadderM8rix is a leading ladder stability/ladder anti-slip device as it helps to secure the base of the ladder safely by a means of reducing the risk of the foot of the ladder slipping. The LadderM8rix ladder safety device range helps provide a safe, stable platform when working at height on ladders. It can be placed on a diversity of surfaces including concrete, grass,  marble, tiles, moss, decking tarmac, snow and even solid ice! The reason it boasts that it can go on all these surfaces is because of the unique pin base that helps to engage with the surface.

Ladder Safety


The Pro-Plus



LadderM8rix ladder stabiliser

Based in Staffordshire, England, we pride ourselves in delivering innovative ladder safety products which help to safe guard users when working at height.Every LadderM8rix is individually hand inspected to ensure the highest product quality. This careful examination enables consistent product excellence and provides assurance in our product durability.As members of “Made in Britain” we always strive to create and develop quality and robust products that we believe the UK industry is renowned for.