Use a ladder? Think ladder safety, think LadderM8rix…

… and never climb a ladder again without one!

The Ladder M8rix is a simple safety device that sits under the feet of your ladder, preventing it from slipping.

Made from durable moulded Polypropylene, the safety device consists of a spiked plate secured by galvanised capping screws. The fine metal grips situated on the underside of the Ladder M8rix hold the device in place thus helping to prevent any slippage on the ground surface. Whilst we would not recommend unwise ladder use, the Ladder M8rix provides such a high degree of security that it can even be used on such surfaces as:

Surface Suitability 



Industrial *


Paving Slabs  (wet, oily or icy)  X
Concrete  (wet, oily or icy) X
Tarmac (wet, oily or icy) X
Grass X
Ice/Snow X
Wood (wet, oily or icy) X
Carpet** X X
Laminate Flooring** X X
Vinyl Flooring** X X
Ceramic Tiles** X X
Marble Tiles** X X
Glass Tiles** X X
*Can be used where there maybe top contamination such as clay,diesel or any other residue which could compromise the feet of the ladder. **All surfaces must be dry and free from slippery contaminates such as oil or grease.


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