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Ladder Safety… Choose LadderM8rix, THE Ladder Safety Device

Another great innovation from G. Robinson

We are the developer and manufacturer of the LadderM8rix ladder safety device range, designed to make working at height on ladders both easier and safer. The LadderM8rix range helps to secure a ladder on surfaces as challenging as wet wood, oily/wet concrete, grass, oil on top of wet wood and even on solid ice.

LadderM8rix – “The Ultimate Ladder Safety Device”

At many shows the LadderM8rix has been referred to as the “star of the show” and “the ultimate ladder safety device”. It has to be one of the most astonishing products to have been launched for quite some time.

The LadderM8rix is a leading ladder safety device which helps to secure the base of the ladder safely, by a means of reducing the risk of the foot of the ladder slipping.  The LadderM8rix range helps to provide a safe, stable platform when working at height on ladders, as it can be placed on a diversity of surfaces including concrete, grass, marble, tiles, moss, decking, paving slabs, tarmac, snow and even solid ice! The reason it boasts that it can go on all these surfaces is because of the unique 2000 pin base that engages the surface.

It is suitable for all types of industries where there is a need to maximise safety when using ladders, especially Painters and Decorators, Window Cleaners, Builders, Security and Aerial/electrical/telecommunication installers. So if you use a ladder Think Ladder Safety, Think LadderM8rix!

To ensure that the LadderM8rix meets all your ladder surface needs, we offer the option of a Professional, Industrial, Interior and Pro-Plus.

G Robinson, manufacturer of the LadderM8rix range invites you to become an agent.

British made, made to last 

Get the right tools for the job and stay safe when using a ladder!

Our range has not only won many awards including being voted “Best New DIY Home Improvement and Garden Tools Product”, but has also been approved and adopted by the UK’s leading telecoms companies to prevent ladder accidents in the workplace. 

The LadderM8rix range should always be used in conjunction with the HSE Safe Use of Ladders and Step Ladders Guide and the Working at Height Act.

LadderM8rix Dimensions:-

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A few ladder facts…

According to the DTI, one person a week is killed in accidents involving ladders and another 40,000 a year require hospital treatment. LadderM8rix has the following benefits:

  • Help to feel confident about your safety on ladders
  • Light, easy to carry and easy to use
  • No need to have another person to hold your ladder safe
  • Equip your workforce with the LadderM8rix and help to prevent employee injuries (and help prevent injury claims!)
  • Comes complete with robust moulded protective carrier case

The LadderM8rix safety device has been deployed across all industry sectors, helping to provide safety to the worker and peace of mind for the Health and Safety Manager.

Members of “Made in Britain”:

“We always strive to create and develop quality and robust products that we believe the UK industry is renowned for. Made in Britain is a great membership to promote and celebrate British made products. Made in Britain, made to last!”

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