LadderM8rix Pro-Plus

£89.95 + vat


Description  The Pro-Plus can be used on many hazardous surfaces outside, but with the added accessory of a the heavy duty rubber on the underside of its carry case so it can be used indoors too.

Simply open the carry case, (leaving the Pro-Plus still in its case) and it can be used on what we call hazardous interior surfaces such as ceramic or marble tiles, laminate flooring, vinyl or even glass floors. Then to use it outside, just remove it from the Pro-Plus case.

Features  The Pro-Plus has a rubber anti-slip top where the ladder feet are placed with a metal spiked base to help grip on many slippery hazardous surfaces.

This model also comes with the added feature of a heavy duty anti-slip rubber on the underside of its carry case, so that it can be used indoors too!

Use Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Dimensions  L: 575 mm W: 380 mm D: 55 mm

Weight 6.5 kg (with packaging)