Choosing the right ladder safety device

Ladder stabiliser, ladder anchor, ladder feet, ladder support, ladder stability device, ladder footer, ladder anti-slip device…They all go under many different names and have many different features, but they are all primary designed to help reduce ladder accidents.

So which is the best ladder safety device?

Choosing the right ladder stability device depends on many variables. Such as type of ladder, the working at height requirements, the ladder operative and the ladder surface. All these can be identified via a full risk assessment.

If a ladder is identified as a suitable solution, choosing the best ladder safety device which meets your ladder safety needs is imperative.  Ladders can be secured by either strapping the ladder to a suitable secure point. And/or using an effective ladder stability/anti-slip device (footing is the last resort ). By securing the ladder safely helps to reduce ladder slipping therefore helps the ladder operator to stay safe.

When buying a ladder support /ladder anti-slip device, think about all the types surface and conditions you will come across. For example, whether you will be using that ladder indoors or outdoors, or whether the ground will be wet, muddy or icy.  Only buy a ladder and associated stability device that will be suitable for your ladder safety needs.