The Bell Group Ladder Safety System

Ladder Safety Device with EN131 ladder

The bell group ladder safety system

One of the UK’s market leading decorating contractors, the Bell Group prides itself on delivering a professional and safe service for both its employees and customers. The family owned and operated company, provides services from painting & decorating (professional and domestic), maintenance and refurbishments through to property fire risk assessments and protection installation. So, ensuring their employees have a safe working environment throughout the Bell Group premises and sites is imperative.  As part of their company values and employee pledges they ensure they have adequate information, instruction, training, supervision and the correct equipment.


Falls from height

As to falls from height remaining the highest cause of workplace fatalities and injuries*, the Bell Group ensure they continue to do everything they can to help safe guard their employees.


Working at height solutions

Ladders remain a valuable part of their working at height solutions, the Bell Group therefore took the lead to deploy standards above and beyond others. Part of this undertaking was to approve and implement the use of the LadderM8rix Pro-Plus ladder safety device.


The LadderM8rix ladder safety device

The LadderM8rix Pro-Plus is designed to help reduce ladder slippage and can be used on many exterior surfaces such as grass, oily concrete, tarmac, decking, snow and even solid ice. The reason it boasts that it can go on all these surfaces is because of the unique pin base that helps to engage with the surface. The Pro-Plus model also has the added edition of heavy duty rubber on the underside of its carry case so it can be used indoors too. It’s simple, effective, durable and easy to use and is fitted under the ladder prior to the ladder operative climbing the ladder. Following the introduction of the LadderM8rix Pro-Plus, the Bell Group then initiated the use of Square Wheels. These are fitted to the top of the ladder to help grip the ladder against the surface wall whilst also reducing manual handling injuries by allowing the ladder to roll up the vertical surface before the wheels ‘collapse’ under load and provide a stable contact point.



In January 2018, when the new EN131 ladder standard was introduced, The Bell Group called on the services of the Clow Group, one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of ladders, access equipment and bespoke access solutions. Together they reviewed the Bell Groups Ladder needs and safety requirements to help develop a new ladder which met the new EN131 standards. And also allowed them to incorporate their already implemented ladder safety processes and products.


Safe Ladder System

The final result is the Bell Group ‘Safe Ladder System’. The system which has had robust and thorough testing to ensure effectiveness and prevalence now utilises a new EN131 standard ladder, the LadderM8rix Pro-Plus and Square Wheels. The ‘Safe Ladder System’ now helps to set industry standards, complies with the relevant statutory requirements and more importantly helps safeguard and protect the welfare of their employees, contractors, visitors and the public.



For more information on the Bell Group, please see https://www.bellgroup.co.uk/our-company/suppliers/

For more information on the Clow Group, please see https://www.clowgroup.co.uk/

For more information on the LadderM8rix Pro-Plus


*HSE statistics

Ladder Safety Device with EN131 ladder