Window Cleaning Ladder Safety

Window Cleaning Ladder Safety;

Portable ladders are traditionally used for cleaning domestic premise windows on ground, first and second floors. Whilst use of a ladder should not be your automatic choice, it can be the most sensible and practical option for low-risk, short duration tasks*. However, almost all falls from ladders happen because the ladder moves unexpectedly. One key factor in preventing falls from ladders is to ensure your ladder is stable whilst being used, through careful consideration of the working conditions and careful selection of the right ladder safety equipment.


Professional window cleaning company EverClean, based in Swansea, provide both commercial and domestic services. They offer services from gutter cleaning through to industrial cleaning, so ladder safety plays a big role in their daily job. Ensuring that they have the right tools for the job when working at height is imperative, so they chose the LadderM8rix Professional to meet their ladder safety needs.


“An absolute must-have item for anyone who uses a ladder. Safety can’t be taken seriously enough and with the LadderM8rix I don’t need to worry about any slips on wet decking, gravel any other tricky surfaces. Can’t say how highly I recommend this product and wouldn’t use a ladder without one.” Kev McGuinness