Painter, Decorator and Plasterer Ladder Safety

Painter, Decorator and Plasterer Ladder Safety;

Using a ladder is a daily requirement when you are a Painter and Decorator. So taking ladder safety seriously goes hand in hand with the job.

Painter, Decorator & Plasterer Al Fitzjohn, based in Herefordshire, had always taken working at height seriously. However when he encountered a situation where his ladder slipped away whilst positioned on level decking, he turned to the LadderM8rix range as a safer way to use his ladders.
A J Fitz Ltd chose the LadderM8rix Pro-Plus as it can be used both indoors and outdoors on surfaces. Such as marble, ceramic tiles, wet decking, oily paving, snow and even on solid ice. So no matter what the weather or surface, he was confident his ladder safety device would help to reduce any ladder accidents.

“I work on varied projects and use ladders a lot. The surfaces which I need to place my ladders on can differ vastly from job to job. On exterior jobs it could be grass, flower beds, patios or decking. For Interior jobs it may be highly polished tiled floors or shiny laminate. When I encountered a situation where I felt that my ladder safety was compromised due to ladder slippage I didn’t think twice about searching for a safer way to use my ladders. I haven’t looked back since purchasing the LadderM8rix.

My Pro-Plus makes me feel confident when using my ladder especially on challenging surfaces and I would rate it 5 out of 5, as it meets all my ladder safety needs. Plus they provide a fast and professional customer service”.
Al Fitzjohn.



Painting & Decorating Magazine Spring 2019 edition