Landscaping ladder safety

Allen Landscapes using the LadderM8rix IndustrialThe need for any business to protect themselves and company reputation by taking health and safety seriously is imperative in this day and age. Regardless of your business type, if you or your employees use a ladder, then you need to ensure you are using the right tools for the job. As directed by the HSE ‘Safe use of ladders and stepladders’ you should always use an effective ladder stability device.

Allen Landscapes, based in Staffordshire have been tree surgeon and landscaping specialists since 1980. With all their experience and knowledge, they always ensure “safety first” particularly when working at height. That’s why they choose to use the LadderM8rix when using a ladder, as it provides them with safe ladder support when inspecting and pruning trees at height.

“We are extremely happy with our LadderM8rix Industrials and never use a ladder without one. As a landscaping company, we use ladders on a regular basis to undertake horticultural tasks, from access points to measure a garden for design, through to tree inspections and pruning. We therefore need to know that our ladder won’t slip even when carrying heavy equipment in hand. We are very pleased with the product as it allows us to perform our tasks with efficiency and reassurance.”

David F Allen M.Hort., Dip. Hort. Kew

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