Ladder Safety Devices

ladder safety device

Ladder Safety Devices

With over two thousand reported work place accidents last year due to ‘falls from a height’*, the importance of Ladder Safety is paramount. The cost to such accidents is immeasurable, not only to injured person but also to the business through work delays and even legal action. Working at height and using ladders on a daily basis is standard for many construction companies, window installers/cleaners, roofers, tele communication & electrical specialists etc. But whatever your industry, safe guiding your business through providing the correct ladder safety devices is imperative.




Ladder Safety:

As directed by the HSE ‘Safe use of ladders and stepladders’ ladders should always be used by a competent, trained and equipped person. To make sure the ladder is safe to use before starting a task, a ‘pre-use’ check needs to be carried out to inspect for any obvious visual ladder/area defects. Once all the ‘pre-use’ checks have been carried out, there are some simple precautions that should be followed to minimise any accidents^:

  • Only carry light materials/ tools , don’t overload and never overreach
  • Ensure the ladder is long enough or high enough for the task
  • Make sure the ladder angle is at 75°
  • Always grip the ladder and face the ladder rungs while climbing or descending. And always maintain three points of contact when climbing (this means a hand and two feet)
  • Never try to move or extend ladders while standing on the rungs and don’t work off the top three rungs
  • Don’t stand ladders on moveable objects, such as pallets, bricks, lift trucks etc
  • For a leaning ladder, you should secure it (eg by tying the ladder to prevent it from slipping either outwards or sideways) and have a strong upper resting point
  • You could also use an effective stability device

Ladder Safety Devices / Stability Devices

To ensure you are following the advised guidelines and using with the right tools for the job, we always recommend you use an adequate Ladder anti-slip device.
A superior anti-slip ladder device should ensure that a leaning ladder (when used as directed above) secures the base of the ladder safely by a means of reducing the risk of the foot of the ladder slipping. That’s why we will always recommend the use of the LadderM8rix range – The ultimate in ladder Safety. The LadderM8rix range provides a safe, stable platform when working at height on ladders and can be placed on a diversity of surfaces including concrete, grass, pebbles, marble, tiles, moss, decking, paving slabs, tarmac, snow and even solid ice!




It is suitable for the majority of industries where there is a need to maximise safety when using ladders.

British made, made to last!

* Source: Reported injuries to employees in Great Britain by kind of accident, severity of injury and main industry, 2014/15
^Refer to the HSE “ Safe use of ladders and stepladders” guide for full list.