Ladder Safety at Work  

Ladder safety at work…Ladder safety should always be your first thought when using a ladder. National Ladder Safety Month is helping to highlight the importance of best practice and having a “safety first” attitude.

Workplace health & safety managers

Now is a perfect reminder for all workplace health &

safety managers to observe National Ladder Safety Month and ensure their job sites are safe! Having the right the products, procedures and training in place is the best defense against improper ladder use. So act now and brush up on ladder safety. Review or introduce new measures to help maintain workforce awareness of potential working at height dangers.


Ladder Safety Guidance

You don’t have to do it alone, there is lots help and ladder safety guidance, plus many free training courses available to help companies comply with safety regulations. To review more safety tips, start an online ladder safety course or learn more about a private training, please visit, or HSE safe use of ladders and step ladders guide.